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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Contractors In Oakville

Remodeling a bathroom is a big decision, it cannot be taken place in a blink. Every step of the process needs to be planned before and cross-checked under various circumstances to ensure its authenticity. If you rush into changing your bathroom from head to toe you might get to face misfortune.

Why Hire Bathroom Remodeling Contractors In Mississauga?

Professional and experienced bathroom contractors must possess some specific renovation traits. These contractors need to plan an efficient strategy, follow the strategy in optimal ways, and bring coherent results. This way it becomes easier to maintain the time schedule of the project with a plan.

Ibex Reno values your imagination for your bathroom. Our team has been in this service for years now so, they are well equipped with the tools to execute your dream into reality. Even sometimes they also share their expert opinion to improve the scenery of your imagination.

Our goal involves providing the customer with a stress-free home renovation in Markham experience. Also, to make sure that the details of the project have been implemented on course. Our budget-friendly rates are the key features that bind us with a large ratio of our clients out there.

The brainstorming phase of the project also includes creating and finalizing the design of the washroom remodel. Once the designers have curated the first draft it would need your approval to proceed with the next steps. The designer’s draft will be executed as per your given details so, any changes required by you can be done at this stage.

What Are The Extras?

Ibex Reno is excited to provide you with the extra perks of the bathroom renovations in Markham, Ontario that not every other builder provides their customers. Such as:

Custom Washroom Vanities

We offer you with creating custom washroom vanities for you but only if you are comfortable with it. We are also open to your unique combination and themes for the vanities to store your emergency life kit.

Custom Laundry Cabinets

Throw your uncleaned belongings in your customized laundry cabinets and never open them up unless it’s laundry day. We carefully design and install your cabinets so that you won’t have to face any problems.

Choose Any Tiles That Fit

Go with ceramics or any other tile option as long as it serves the purpose and keeps up with your budget. Also, renovation works are more encouraged by the tiles that glorify the new construction and last a long time.

Drywall Installation

You need drywall for your shower section in the bathroom and we provide you with that. Drywall is also essential for the durability of your sink and faucet areas.

Faucet Installation

In your newly reconstructed bathroom, you want to give it a changed and improved look with spending minimal bucks. Choosing a set of fast and firm faucets is your top option.

Choose Our Washroom Renovation Contractors In Oakville

The reason to choose us for your next project is that we are leading renovation contractors in Oakville, Mississauga, and Markham. Ibex Reno is able to complete small construction to major projects within the initially set schedule. Also, we value your decision at every step because we approve ourselves with your satisfaction and don’t leave the site unless your satisfaction is achieved.